This story, which is the product of a in-class brainstorming session with the rest of my classmates, uses exact quotes given to me by my peers (in red) and I have created a whole fictitious narrative around them to explore the idea or concept of empowerment.

Welcome back to another segment of Who’s pica is it anyway?

] For this segment the rules are simple: a random person of the crowd will yell out a theme for two of our improv graphic designers to execute. Then, remember those little paper pieces that were handed to you at the beginning of the show? Those papers where you could write whatever you wanted on? Well, every 15 seconds, our improvisers will incorporate one of these statements into the overall dialogue. (If you later decide to go online and download the transcript, we will include the nicknames of those who submitted statements.) Let’s begin!

_Master of ceremonies_ Our improvisers for the night are girgen29 & pirindinga. Anyone have a theme in mind?

] not even a second went by and a voice from the side of the room yelled empowerment (crispygonzo) [

_Master of ceremonies_ Let’s give our improvisers three minutes to get ready.

] The improv graphic designers reach the stage, dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt. The stage is painted in white and there is a grass green three-seat sofa in the middle. Pirindinga sits on the right side of it, pretending to watch TV. Girgen29 comes in from the left side of the stage yelling angrily. [

_girgen29_ Sebastian… Where are you? Sebastian. Sebastian!

_pirindinga_ Wow, come on honey, why the yelling? There’s no need to inform half the neighborhood that you are furious about something.

_girgen29_ Me? Furious? You have never seen me furious. Who gave you the power to bet our home on your silly poker game?

_pirindinga_ That’s why you are all pissed off? Ah, and I thought it was something important. I did not loose the house. You know how good I am.

_girgen29_ That’s not the point! What if you would have lost? What if, for the first time, you were not able to beat the other? What if tonight we were sleeping on the sidewalk?

_pirindinga_ And what if that had happened. Have you ever thought that maybe we can loose everything and still feel alive? (pirindinga)

_girgen29_ Alive? You wanna feel alive?!? Think about me standing on top of you and jumping like crazy (michewkf). That will make you feel alive.

] girgen29 sits at the opposite side of the couch from pirindinga [

_pirindinga_ Actually, you know what would make me feel a alive right now? A giant cup of coffee (martyclane).

_girgen29_ What does that have do with anything we are talking about?

_pirindinga_ Well, I saw you giving me this subliminal attitude by sitting down and crossing your legs (munozmatt).

_girgen29_ Ja! At least you got the sugar coated (requiredwhen) message.

] pirindinga turns towards the television [

_pirindinga_ Holy Shit!!! That guy is about to burn 1,000,000 dollars (pirindinga). Now that is power.

_girgen29_ You moron. That’s no power, that’s just plain stupidity. You wanna feel power? Think about a reptile about to bite you on the ankle and you don’t have any anti-venom (k3llissima) and you still decide to fight it.

_pirindinga_ Listen Roxy, thank you for not crossing your legs (martyclane) anymore.

_girgen29_ Leave me alone Sebastian. I want to feel about this conversation like if I were a red haired girl forgetting him. (kat6128)

_pirindinga_ Wait a minute! What are you talking about now. You are making no sense.

_girgen29_ No sense is feeling like if was exposing the walls of your house so you could imagine it differently (girgen29), no sense would be telling you that I will run this household because I bought a gun (requiredwhen), no sense would be to tell you that I slept with a midget that could make a living in Vegas!!! (robertruehlman)

_pirindinga_ Oh please Roxy, you know that with a gun or no gun, you hate being the boss (martyclane) of the house. You are not meant for so much power.

] furiously, girgen29 walks out of the house pretending to be walking on the freshly-painted crosswalk (k3llissima) Pirindinga, still inside of the home is stretching really tall and saying "i am sooooooo big!!!" (munozmatt). [

_Master of ceremonies_ 3 hours later

_pirindinga_ Where were where you?

_girgen29_ I went to see a hard boiled detective in a confessional (kat6128).

_pirindinga_ So you went to see a priest.

_girgen29_ Listen, I felt like a was going to land a hammer to someone’s head (girgen29), so let me be in peace. Actually, this priestess suggested that we should write on a blank sheet of paper (rebeccateg) all the reasons for me being the female boss (martyclane) this week.

_pirindinga_ That’s like me taking over the world and banning smoking? (michewkf) Or me smoking up some drugs? (requiredwhen)

_girgen29_ It is more like a soft pink truth (kat6128) as part of some truth campaigns (martyclane) and your capacity to understand it is like a hidden world in a tree (rebeccateg)… Non-existent!!!

_pirindinga_ Listen. I apologize for all of this. I see that it was wrong of me not to ask first. I am sorry I bet our home. I did it knowing how to design myself out of the box (munozmatt). The other players just did not expect it.

_girgen29_ This conversation is full of sand in a bottle (samyulaim). There is no satisfaction from exchanges like these. It’s like taking back your favorite purse that your sister stole (girgen29) and realizing that you really did not need it.

_pirindinga_ Ok, so the blue pill (kat6128) it is, not the red pill (kat6128). We never fought.  Let’s get a pen and paper (requiredwhen) and see what we are going to do with the money I won in the match.

_girgen29_ While we do that, have you met the new neighbors? They are from Puerto Rico, so you know, loud, annoying and obnoxious, but I heard them talking about partying in Puerto Rico and about serving only liquor at bars (michewkf). Why not go to vacation there? Let me get chisel-edged sharpies (k3llissima) to make a table of pros and cons.

_pirindinga_ Go to the beach in Puerto Rico? I’d have to turn into a christian bodybuilder ripping a phone book in half (robertruelhman) to be able to attract the ladies down there… jejejeje. I know its all about teaching (martyclane) oneself, but come on, my physique is as interesting as a silent radio (rebeccateg).
_girgen29_ It is simpler than you think. Just sit next to a blow up doll (pirindinga) with a middle eastern spice (kat6128) to it and you will get all the attention you crave.

_pirindinga_ jejeje Very true honey. But in full honestly here, all I do on a weekly basis is take a sharpie to the walls of a bathroom stall (girgen29) and I make faces that look like me (martyclane) or that look like Nature Boy Rick Flair (k3llissima)  as a dog beating the snot out of a cat (munozmatt). That grants me all the attention I need.

_girgen29_ Whatever gets you through the day my love, whatever gets you through the day.

_pirindinga_ Hey, why don’t we go out for dinner? Don’t give me that face. Yes, dinner, right now. Get some shoes… let’s go.

] they exit on the left side of the stage [

_Master of ceremonies_ They are now driving down Hollywood Blvd.

_pirindinga_ Honey, remember that restaurant that looked like a church (martyclane)… want to eat there?


_pirindinga_ Ok, I know, it looked like peach poodles skipping (rebeccateg) and like a school (martyclane) but…

_pirindinga_ Holy Shit did you see that? Oh my god!

_girgen29_ What? What?

_pirindinga_ There was a large van that looked like a tank full of Canadians (requiredwhen) and it looked like they were about to open can of Whoop Ass (k3llissima)

_Master of ceremonies_ At that moment she realized that it was her last option to kill him or leave him (kat6128) while driving in front of a building that looked like a mall (martyclane).

_girgen29_ Sebastian, I see you and I imagine you at 98 and still rocking (michewkf) and that’s one of the things I mostly love about you, even though your current comments make you look like a brick building falling down (pirindinga) or a house burning (girgen29).

_pirindinga_ Ahw! You always know how to make me feel like a sleek black object from 2001 (robertruelhman). Actually, don’t we look like kids (martyclane) with the trunk full of the stuff I left in my parents’ garage (k3llissima)?

_girgen29_ Actually, we look like bratty kids at mcdonalds (rebeccateg).

_pirindinga_ I defer. Even though I wish our Yugo looked like the batmobile (pirindinga), we look mega cool.

_girgen29_ Sebastian, love. I am sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but this Yugo looks a green tailed horny toad with gas (kat6128). Actually, in an even further retrospection, I preferred the tricycle you used to ride before since at least it looked like a bike. (martyclane)

_pirindinga_ Wow. Do I look like a professor with a virtual egg timer (munozmatt) who looks like a dog running through a field (girgen29) who looks like legs (martyclane)

_girgen29_ Honey, the important thing is that you do not look like an old car pimped to look new (michewkf) or like surfers in the desert (samyulaim).

_pirindinga_ I know. I look like hell on wheels (kat6128)… like a pair of mustangs (robertruehlman) gliding down Hollywood Blvd.

_girgen29_ That’s the spirit!

_pirindinga_ Ok, so going back to the eating situation. How about that place?

_girgen29_ I’m sorry, but it looks like the inside could use a censorship bar on a racy pin-up girl (k3llissima) Well, what if we look for a place that looked like an eagle (pirindinga) or a farm? (martyclane)

_pirindinga_ While we are at it, why not look for one that resembles a hole in the middle of a field of corn (requiredwhen)?

_girgen29_ SHHHH! This looks like the last line of a bob dylan song (kat6128).

_pirindinga_ Duh! We have been listening to the whole song…

_girgen29_ SHIT!! OUCH!!! Sebastian!!! You hell driver!!! What was that?

_pirindinga_ It looked llike a scooter riding through traffic (girgen29) It was switching from lane to lane as it if were like swimming (martyclane) to prevent the look of a flaming bible on easter (kat6128) You know what honey, what if my car looked like the new bronco’s logo (pirindinga)? I bet no scooter would get in the way.

_girgen29_Talking about logos, did you see the change I did to the computer that now makes it like it has the coolest desktop wallpaper of your favorite 80s band ever (munozmatt).

_pirindinga_ What does a logo and a wallpaper have in common? That’s if I were to tell you that this blvd. looks like a dozen of moon (rebeccateg) or like a crystal ball (robertruehlman).

_girgen29_ You know what you look like right now? Like a shovel in the snow (requiredwhen).

_pirindinga_ We are just like misunderstood siblings (samyulaim)

_girgen29_ JAJAJAJA Indeed. Ok, you know what, just choose a place to eat. I cannot take it anymore, I am about to jump into the river and look like a swimming polar bear (k3llissima) in search of fish!

_pirindinga_ I’m trying! But this restaurant looks like rubbermade (requiredwhen), this one like stones (samyulaim), this one like a time machine (robertruehlman) and I don’t mean it in a good way and that one like the back of my hand after the fire (kat6128).

_girgen29_ Well, pizza?

_pirindinga_ Pizza it is.

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