At the end of every work day, once the posters were ready, I would ask the camp counsellors to take the students out on a walk for 20 mins. During this time I would scan in all of the posters and prepare them for on-screen projection. When everyone came back, I would hold a small feedback session were each student explained what they had done. At the end of their explanation, we would have a small chat about how graphic design can be re-purposed from one media to another, and as a fun example, I would project their posters onto themselves.

Pedagogical reasons for this decision? Design lesson? More than anything, all I wanted was for the students to understand that graphic design is not only about photoshop or computer work. It is much more. With this exercise I hoped to at least introduce such idea into them.

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  1. Alfonso says:

    Loving this excercise. Good work!

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