How will you relate to your digital self? Will your digital self dictate who you are?Click for HighRes

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In class we are exploring way into what the future may look like. Of course, we are supposed to be exploring this with some relation to graphic design, but as I see it, many of the explorations reflect the hopes, frustrations or anxieties of their own creators. (and this generation)

Many of my colleagues had clear ideas. While some saw futures without schools or hospitals, others saw biofeedback suits (the first time that I’ve considered a tattoo) and clones as the way of tomorrow. I appreaciated the efforts, but at the same time I was troubled for I could not see in me their optimism and faith.

Focusing into the future became a problem. I found myself questioning the future roles of technology. What will these strings of code and hardware do for us? Will they improve our life or contribute to our stagnation as a civilization?

It was hard for me to sort out my thoughts, so as a starting point, I took for granted that in the future, platforms like second life will become a central place of business, culture exchange, and social interaction in our everyday lives. Just as now with eBay, people then will make whole lives from having a digital existence in these realms.

Why this starting point? It goes against my personal beliefs and hopes for the future. I despise the possibility of having a future where we might live from a chair. (Of course, by then, technology improvements may make it so that we do not require computers and chairs to be on the internet. Maybe helmets?)

Going back to this forced future. People will be living and carrying out their lives in these digital realms. My investigation (more exploration than anything at this point) led me to questioning what will happen with our identity in a world where we will have many? How will you relate to your digital self? Will your digital self dictate who you are?

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