Choose Your Crit Face Special Edition Button.

For a long time I had been fascinated with ping-back buttons, and just like everyone else, every time a new came thru my hands I thought of making one of my own. This cycle, which I thought would end up being just another never-ending thought process, was surprisingly broken a few weeks ago when I acquired a button making machine of my own.

This major step was inspired and motivated by two important experiences.

Badge, Button, Pin by Gavin Lucas

This past May I did some research on the subject of name badges with the hopes of publishing my next editorial revés project . I became fascinated over these labeling devices and their effects on human human interaction and communication. While searching, googling and reading, I came about the book Badge, Button, Pin by Gavin Lucas. If you like buttons, I encourage its reading. It’s graphic aspect is phenomenal, but its informative side is even better. One can basically learn everything there is to learn about this medium from this publication.

At the same time that I was doing this reading, my good friend Rebecca Tegtmeyer was also breaking up one of her never-ending thought cycles. She founded Sown designs (which really stands for amazing pillows made by Rebecca). Her experience was instrumental. I witnessed the whole process of bringing her thought to life, and most importantly, I got to see and experience her happiness on the day that her pillows where showcased on her favorite blog.

In a nut shell, these two experiences inspired the ownership of my own button-making machine. (And the fact that Polaroid shooting can no longer be a hobby of mine because the prices for film are prohibitive.)

My first set, an edition of 1, was made out of NASA pictures of space. I have no pictures of those since I framed them about 10 mins after I made them, but 10 mins after framing those, I made my second edition of 1… a button set of the Sown pillows.

Sown, yr 2008 Special Edition Button Set

This edition now happily lives with Rebecca, to whom I owe in great part for her friendship and inspiration through the process. What will I call my button-making? What will I do with them? I still don’t know, but I can only assure you that new button editions will come soon.

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