If you would like a set, send me your address and information. I will send out a complete one to the first 50 email requests at alberto[at]estudiointerlinea[dot]com ***UPDATE: All 50 sets have been assigned. Stay tuned to the blog. I will be giving out more design related buttons soon. Thank you to those who wrote.***

All nighter?
Falling asleep?
No need to worry… just…
and let the feedback roll in!

This is the first button set I’ve designed. The idea for it came from an inside-joke with Cady Bean-Smith, Sidney Fritts, Marty Maxwell Lane, Rebecca Tegtmeyer, Lauren Waugh, and Liese Zahabi, graduate classmates of mine at NC State University.

***Update: Thanks to Armin Vit for having Quipped the buttons in Quipsologies, Vol. 23, November 2008.

***Update: Thanks to Michael Bierut for Observing the buttons on Design Observer.

***Update: Thanks to Matt Aubie for picking up the buttons on the TGS blog.

***Update: Thanks to N Silas Monroe for commenting about the buttons on the Walker Art Center’s Blogs.

***Update: Thanks to Jamie Rose for blogging about the buttons.

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10 Responses to Buttons: Choose your crit face!

  1. Dylcia Morell says:

    Send me some…

  2. Alfonso says:

    You already got mine…

  3. chris says:

    i don’t want to post my address here and have it trolled by the internet worms. can i email it to you?! please? besides i’m still waiting to see my poster! :)

  4. Rebecca Tegtmeyer says:

    Excellent my friend…

  5. Lorenzo says:

    I’m sorry but weren’t these the faces of the minors who made the pins in… say… Taiwan, China, Indonesia, etc, etc, etc?

    Hehehe!!! They’re great!!! Send some.

  6. I like the use of the theme on the page. i’m using the same one. might want to alter the css a bit though. my resolution is really high and the text is illegible. I like the idea as a designer, like the buttons too. where do you get he sets made?


  7. Tony Venne says:

    Thanks for my button and thanks for coming to M|I|C/A



  8. Eli says:

    Love them! Just sent you an email (just in case you don’t get it).

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