As part of a studio project, I carried out an exploration in the spirit of the PixelVision. Honoring the tradition of pixelvisionaries, I underwent a personal study of my way to-and-from design studio. I recorded these different videos using a point and shoot canon s70 digital camera, which since it was not really intended for video recording, it provides an “amateurish” feel and look.

In my first exploration, I recorded my way into the studio during the day.

In my second exploration, I recorded my way from home into the studio during the night

In my third exploration, I recorded my way from studio to my home during the night.

After all explorations were done, I made an exercise in which I overlayed all of them together in one film. I went into this with no intentions or expectations, so a few realizations came in with incredible surprise. I was able to note some parts of my mile-long-trip that slow me down and others that I thought were linear in nature but actually caused more variations in path.

In conclusion, if the winds send the Burger King scent into my route, I slow down and the trip takes me an extra 1 minute. Hills are not particularly the slower aspects of my trip and no matter what, there is a 7 minute difference between the faster walks and the slower ones.

Even though this did not developed into a final project, it is a beginning phase as I explore the videographic medium.

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