What will the future be like? Where will we be? Who will we meet? Most importantly… How will we identify ourselves and to others?

The exploration into what the future may look like continues.

I am still working on the framework that in the future, platforms like second life will become a central place of business, culture exchange, and social interaction in everyday life. People will be living and carrying out their lives in these digital realms.

In this investigation I question our identity in a digital world. What will happen to who we are when we can be many? How will we relate to our digital selves? Will our digital self dictate who we are?

The way I see it, we will reach a point when we will have so many of us that these will manipulate/dictate/become the real us. The digital world will drip out into the physical. The human sense of self will be blurred.

Going into the project. My interest is in this touchpoint when the possible created identities meet the physical ones.

This project explores a way to keep both of these worlds connected. A way for people to map the physical realm and the digital realm in terms of relationships. In a way, it’s a tool to help people stay in check with who they are, and how they are to others.

[ These were my first ever AfterEffects animations. Bare with the rough medium as I begin to master it. ]

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