Jennifer Lin has an unusual talent for improvisation. Speaking at TED, she compared her creative process to drawing a comic, and admitted that the state of “flow” — when she is able produce beautiful music instantly — cannot be forced.

Her virtuoso performances, particularly the improvisations, are profoundly moving, and — even via podcast — have been known to reduce listeners to tears. As one blogger recorded, “I was listening to a presentation by a 14-year old girl named Jennifer Lin who plays the piano like whoa … I wasn’t expecting it, and when she was a minute or two into the piece, I was literally crying in the crowded subway car.”

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One Response to TED Talks: Magical improv from 14 year-old pianist

  1. Alfonso says:

    Ah, but I know a band manager who would put that little girl in her place with a cold dose of truth:

    “Anything can be forced.”

    Wisdom is hard like that. But seriously, that girl is serious stuff!

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