Ellen Lupton welcomes us to the conference.

From October 17th through the 19th a group of us in the Masters Program drove up to Baltimore to attend AIGA‘s Social Studies Education Conference, held at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

It was a great conference on many accounts, but most importantly it gave some of us the opportunity to share with students and academics from other institutions.

Having learned my lesson during the Boston conference (where i did not take my camera), I can now tell a selected visual story of the event. If you are interested for a detailed account, see Louise Sandhaus’ blog where she has some very interesting and detailed notes of many of the sessions, panels, and lectures.

How could anyone not notice the new design building?

The typography session kicked early saturday. Michelle Wong wishes to help students learn typographic skills through the implementation of a plug-in into indesign.

Denise Gonzales-Crisp burned the traditional typographic approach. (the screen almost caught fire)

The conference guest book.

People in the lobby.

Looking in the lobby.

Looking down into the lobby… HI CADY!

The team giving moral support to Deb… Santiago, Cady, Marty and Rebecca.

Go Deb!

Denise and Santiago enjoying the event.

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