Rebecca and Marty begin with Cady Bean-Smith’s rubber band typography.

Rebecca Tegtmeyer and Marty Maxwell Lane represented the NC State Graphic Design Masters Program at the MFA panel on the last day of the conference. They did incredible.

The presentation, following a format that I do not remember the name, lasted for 10 mins. In that short time, Rebecca and Marty were able to speak about the pedagogical approach of the NC State Curriculum, explain the structure of the program, delve into projects briefings, and they still managed to show 2 fully developed investigations, culminating in the marriage of everything that had been explained before into well executed pieces.

A little bit about studio culture.

Design thinking had to come up.

Cameo appearance to me!

The biggest concept map ever seen by man! Great job Rebecca…


Marty brought down the house as she explained her research and development of processes…

…all culminating with the on-line community project from last semester.

YOUR WELCOME, but the thanks really go to you! You represented us in an incredible way!

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2 Responses to Social Studies Conference: MFA Panel

  1. Rebecca Tegtmeyer says:

    Thanks…looks great!

  2. marty says:

    just had time to look at this in depth. thank you for such an incredible post. it was/is so great to have your support.

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