Una de Cal y otra de Arena, Editorial Revés latest publication and my most recent book design, has been selected as a runner-up selection in STEP Design’s Reader’s Choice Contest.

The five entries that receive the most votes in the Readers’ Choice contest will also be featured in the STEP Design 100 March/April 2009 Annual, so all you will receive an email to go vote on the entry soon…:)

Thanks to Jorge Rigau and José Lorenzo Torres for your support, comments, feedback, ideation, and moral infrastructure throughout the short and intense design process of the book… to Robert Ruehlman and Santiago Piedrafita for your e-mails, feedback, critiques, and comments on the layout, structure and typography of the book as I was making design decisions… to Alfonso Gómez Arzola, who came in during two of the most critical days of the process to help with the production of the piece… to Eduardo Miranda, who helped make the cover a reality…and last, but never least, to Eric Jukelevics, who not only retouched 4 of the images in the book, but who always provides me with photographic support when it comes to the documentation of my projects.

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2 Responses to Una de Cal y Otra de Arena: A STEP Readers’ Choice contestant

  1. Eduardo Miranda says:

    Hey congratulations on the runner-up selection for STEP. The book came out great. I witness all the effort you placed into this project, so congrats again. I also appreciate the mention on the cover work, but really it was your vision and inspiration that got it done. Keep up the good work you are doing in NC State.

  2. Justin says:

    Great work as usual, Alberto. The cover is old-fashioned and modern at the same time – well-executed. I’ll surely be voting for the book soon!

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