• In THE ASCENT OF MONEY, Niall Ferguson traces the evolution of money and demonstrates that financial history is the essential back-story behind all history.
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  • Travel and Expense Report Management Software
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  • A website full of great information, even though we have to dig for it a bit.
  • Splurge is a simple and intuitive budget app that helps you tell your money what to do.
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  • News for the media design program…
  • Monopoly board game players can now pay for properties with debit cards.Game makers Parker have phased out the standard multi-coloured cash in a new version. Players will instead use a Visa mock debit card to keep track of how much they win or lose.
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  • If you've got too many credit cards, debit cards and loyalty cards eating up your precious wallet space that could otherwise be put to better use storing gum wrappers and Bazooka Joe comics, and you don't mind adding another gadget to your accessory-toting bag of choice, then this iCache thing might be just the thing for you.
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  • MasterCard Worldwide today announced the launch of Europe's first watch equipped with MasterCard® PayPass™ contactless technology, in partnership with Garanti Bank in Turkey. This contemporary form factor for PayPass – which heralds a new era for credit payments in Europe – will make paying for small-value items quicker and more convenient than fumbling for coins.
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  • A next-generation credit card that incorporates a 12-button keyboard, a microprocessor and an embedded alphanumeric display promises to provide unprecedented security in phone and online banking transactions.
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  • Chandan, Sun Microsystems' "Chief Executive Prankster," must have had a little time on his hands over the holidays, since his latest prank is a pretty slick product design concept. The All in One Card (or the AIO Card, as he calls it), is a credit-card sized gadget that Chandan envisions as a thin-client device (ha, get it?) with an e-ink-like display, which could be used as a media player, web appliance, and even GPS unit. The card would be powered by solar cells, would include integrated Bluetooth and WiFi for data transfer, and could be slotted into a smart card reader to hook up to a full-size display and keyboard. While this will probably never be made (at least not while Bluetooth and WiFi still exist as we know them), it's still an interesting concept, especially since Chandan bases it around his employer Sun's Ray thin client technology, which allows a device to run over broadband without a processor or hard drive.
  • This is really sad. What is Mattel thinking? The company recently released its Barbie Fashion Fever Shopping Boutique Playset, which lets Barbie fans set up their own store and use a "Fashion Fever" credit card to buy Barbie clothes and accessories. However, "Once the [credit card] balance hits zero, it will reset so you can continue to shop." Say whaaaaat? That's teaching young girls that you can rack up your credit card with no consequences!
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  • Have we reached an age where we can assume that a logo will be primarily experienced in digital space? With the increasing occurrence of digital signs and billboards, and the pervasiveness of the internet, perhaps it makes little sense to design within the constraints of antiquated printing processes and static applications.
  • We created J-Track so you could quickly and easily keep track of your favorite orbiting objects. J-Track lets you choose from a fairly large list of satellites…
  • A beautiful, interactive and useful visualization call the Map of the Market. Allows for one to understand and see, in a more holisctic way, the parts that make up the current market.
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  • This is the link to the whole book of the Atlas of Cyberspace. Visually, a bit dated now, but coming along.
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  • Free Personal Finance Software, Online Money Management, Budget Planner and Financial Planning. In other ways, what my thesis is all about in an already implemented project. :/
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  • Researchers at the Center for Future Banking, in collaboration with
    Bank of America, will explore how emerging technologies and insights into human behavior can transform the customers' experience and elevate the role of the bank in their financial lives. We seek to invent new ways to anticipate the needs and desires of customers down to the level of the individual, to put every customer in total control of his or her own financial futures, to rethink the experience of customer-bank interaction as virtual and physical reality become increasingly intertwined, and finally to leverage the unique position of a bank to make people's lives simpler and more fulfilling.
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  • Step 5: Stop mindless overspending
    Life is full of temptations. (According to the rundown of my annual credit card spending, "merchandise/retail" is my temptress.) You can stay strong, grasshopper, with nothing more than a few envelopes and a ball-point pen.
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  • An illustrated book of dreams. Incredible Illustrations shown on flicker
  • What are you looking for? A new way to search the web, in a more comprehensive manner.
  • Very interesting work inspired on a children's aesthetic.
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  • This coaster set is just for the dorkiest of dorkiest.
  • Very interesting designs
  • Welcome to The Bad Credit Hotel. A place where folks come to enlighten the murkier areas of their credit know-how. Some have come face-to-face with unnerving credit circumstances. Others come here seeking knowledge.
    * Debt Management – Lounge around our lobby and get some good advice about managing your debt.
    * Credit History – Your credit history is a measure of your financial trustworthiness. Crack a book in our library… you need to know your history.
    * Credit Cards – Grace periods, fine print, annual fees, there is a lot of room for error here. Know the details about credit cards before you get into bed with a creditor.
    * Room 850 – The perfect credit score deserves the perfect room. And once you get used to the perks, you’ll never want to leave.
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