Myself in front of my research poster. Photograph by Rebecca Kirkland.

As I have written before before, this past week was the Fourth Annual NC State University Graduate Student Research Symposium. Marty Maxwell Lane, Deb Littlejohn and I were asked to present our current research at the event. In retrospect, it was just like presenting for judges back in one of my high school science fairs… Presentations were made with the aid of posters. We participated in the Humanities and Design category, where I am happy to report that I was recognized with a first prize for the current research I am carrying out with my final project. :)

Duane Larick, Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, myself, JB Clark, Vice President, UGSA, and Terri Lomax, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies. Photograph by Rebecca Kirkland.

Symposium Winners. Photograph by Rebecca Kirkland.

Symposium Winners, by Category…

Agricultural Sciences
1st Place > Cary Rivard, Plant Pathology
2nd Place > Ramon Molina-Bravo, Horticultural Science

1st Place > Matthew Campbell, Mathematics Education
2nd Place > Maura Murphy, Adult and Higher Education

1st Place > Sumit Gangwal, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
2nd Place > Gheorghe Bunget, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Humanities and Design
1st Place > Alberto Rigau, Graphic Design
2nd Place > Jennifer Salazar, Landscape Architecture

Life Sciences
1st Place > Elizabeth Rueschhoff, Plant Biology
2nd Place > Monica Iglecia, Zoology

Mathematical and Physical Sciences
1st Place > Brian Williams, Physics
2nd Place > Justin Kennemur, Chemistry

Social Sciences and Management
1st Place > Erin Banks, Psychology
2nd Place > Roxana Toma, Public Administration

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