Armando+Alberto Rigau

It’s been two years since blogging experiment was initiated. Two hundred and forty two posts later, I have carved a little corner in cyberspace for some of my thoughts and ideas. Up until now, the content of the writing has derived from my work in the Master’s of Graphic Design program at NC State University. As a result, this weblog has served as a documentation of my stay at the university’s College of Design.

Today I would like to announce that the content and focus of the site will be expanded as my brother, Armando Rigau, joins as a writer and collaborator. Coming from an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Georgetown University, he currently pursues a Master’s Degree in Architecture at Cornell University. His different perspective will not only help to pluralize the content of this page, but hopefully challenge some of my own preconceptions on design as we both begin to build together a new collaborative framework.

If anything, this juncture can be seen as a canvas where we will share with each other some of our perspectives as we anticipate collaborative work in the future. We will learn as we go and see where it takes us…

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