My small book collection at Cornell.

My small book collection at Cornell.

Indeed for me, these times need of introductions. First, because most of you, who have decided to read posts by my rather keen brother, may not know me. Second – I have to admit ­- this would be the first time I bring my thoughts into a blog. And finally, I am getting acquainted with a new setting.

Two weeks ago, I arrived at Cornell University to begin my Masters in Architecture 1. The experience of meeting new people from widely different track records – architecture, furniture design, engineering, physics, business, among others – has been exciting, but has also motivated me to reflect back on my persona. Seeing how many already possess jaw-dropping abilities, I felt compelled to review what I had apparently done right to be accepted into the School of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP). Reviewing my application materials, I came across my essay, which began:

I do not want to study architecture.”          These words quickly became my answer to those who presumed that as the son of an architect and the brother of a graphic designer, I would pursue an undergraduate degree in the arts.

Right there, in the opening sentence I referred (subconsciously?) to probably the most influential artists in my formation: my father and my brother. My family – including my mother and sister – has always been my harshest critic, demanding inconceivable versions of myself. (I don’t know if I heard this from one of my siblings first, but I like to joke around by saying that while in kindergarten, my finger paintings where never pinned up at the refrigerator if ugly.) Nevertheless, I now endeavor to create beauty, mainly out of respect for the work, talent, and dedication of the two designers in my home. I hope one day to feel as their peer.

Let me stress that when the time came to decide whether I would study design for my undergraduate education, I opted for a humanistic education. Shaping my character largely through philosophy, history, and literature significantly altered my perceptions about the world. Therefore, I now enter the M.Arch. 1 with my own set of apperceptions that actually fuel my curiosity. Introducing previously gathered knowledge into my (re)discovered passion towards design, particularly architecture, will hopefully lead to a kind of oneiric experience.

About the possibility of contributing in this blog, this interests me: the chance to expound my preconceptions, challenge my brother’s perspectives as well as mine and of others, amend my way of thinking, and finally, see how my thought process evolves. In the end, the blog will become a trace of deflections in thought.

So, let’s take my first entry as my official act of induction into the website, but my subsequent entries as my attempt to be inducted into a life of design.

A FINAL NOTE TO ANY READER: Consider all my musings as arguments, even if they can be (mis)interpreted as opinions or beliefs. I like to be reminded that usually I use frames that are too small to hold the pictures.

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