Herbert F. Johnson Museum: Exploring how the negative space of the facade blends in with its environment.

As part of the first exercise for first-year drawing class of the M.Arch. I at Cornell’s Architecture School, my classmates and I were asked to go around the campus and free-hand draw three structures. The assignment was completely open, as we could draw anything we wanted to portray. The purpose of the exercise ¬†was to begin thinking about how we “see” buildings and how we can represent those ideas about them. I centered on the Herbert F. Johnson Museum, the Sage Chappel, and Uris Library. I wish to share part of my outcome…


Herbert F. Johnson Museum: Floor plan of one of the galleries.


Herbert F. Johnson Museum: Interiors.


Herbert F. Johnson Museum: Concrete detail and Axonometric.


Sage Chapel: The Environment overpowers the building.


Sage Chapel: Floor Plan.


Sage Chapel: Details (middle column reinterpreted).


Uris Library: An entrance.


Uris Library: The old with the contemporary.


Uris Library: Main area floor plan.


Uris Library: A.D. White Library... freeing up constricted space.

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  1. I love the 3rd sketch from the top, the Museum interiors, great line quality. I also really like the two that follow of the axon and the Chapel exterior.

    I look forward to seeing some future projects!

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