This past thursday 3M Company of Puerto Rico held a fashion show to promote some of their Post-it products. For the event, I was commissioned by my friend Lorna Ramos to execute the event’s decoration… all of it made out of Post-its.

This video documents, in under 2 mins, the 15 hours spent playing with squares of colored paper. For photos of the setup, see here.

I want to point out that frame after frame you will consistently notice the collaboration of Miguel Ortiz, a young architect with whom I am currently working on a series of projects. I also want to thank Lorna, Juan Carlos Rubayo, Denisse Rodríguez and Sofía Acevedo who came out to help.


To make the video more interesting, I used the music track Again and Again by The Bird and the Bee. As of October 11, 2009, the official website of the band is offline and the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine was not useful in accessing its contact information. I will keep trying so that I can ask for a formal permit to keep the song in the video. If it is not granted, the song will be removed immediately.

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7 Responses to Post-its as writing

  1. Rebecca says:

    Nice fun work, although I feel like I should have been there to at least post a post-it!

  2. Very, very cool, Alberto! It’s a Post-It version of Gerhard Richter’s cathedral window. Yours is more fun!

  3. Great song choice. The post-it’s remind me of pixels..My daughter loves The Bird And The Bee!

  4. Incredible, you get to have so much fun!

  5. ajrigau says:

    Stefan, thanks for the Richter reference. I did not know about that project and it’s just soo damn cool. It always feels so great to see stuff like that which defies conventions. Thanks again!

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