I arrived at Seville. I have to admit I was exhausted from the long travel, flying into Madrid and then, only 2 hours later, taking a train. Once here, I decided to get myself out into the old city. It was a two-fold strategy. I have never visited before and this might be my only chance to do so on this trip. My work schedule begins tomorrow morning at 9:00am. Walking around would also ensure that I would wear myself out completely to sleep through the night.

Of course, first thing is first. I have to hunt down some nice typography.

I am always surprised that more typography like this is not found in Puerto Rico.

Maybe I am the only person who finds this odd, but a young man searching to take care of older people… hmm, suspicious in my book.

Bar Europa. Strongly recommended by my father, mother and uncle. After enjoying it, I fully endorse their recommendation.

Small, cozy place.

Menu of this bar. It had some of the tastiest ham croquettes I have had in my life. (and if you know me, you are aware of my experience on the topic. jeje)

Caught my eye.

Right across from the bar.

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3 Responses to Around Seville [1]

  1. Nunca había visto el Bar Europa tan elegante, quizás porque he ido sólo a mediodía. Si vuelves, ofréceles la foto, a ver si te invitan a algo.

  2. Jorge Rigau says:

    La recomendación original del Bar Europa fue de Ramón Gutiérrez, arquitecto argentino de renombre.

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