After two years of studying architecture, I have begun to shape certain preconceptions in my mind. And although I am still to young to have set views about the discipline, nevertheless, here I write my 20 opinions/ assumptions about it so far:

1. Architectural form has no inherent meaning.

2. Architecture is a thing—a phenomenal presence—in which people experience their lives.

3. People assign meaning(s) to form.

4. Plurality and difference prevent a unified reading of a work.

5. Meaning(s) in buildings are constantly being rewritten or reevaluated.

6. Experience of architecture occurs mostly in passing (or subconsciously).

7. In their primal condition, buildings serve as reference points or markers: “let’s meet at the corner of…”

8. Non-architects mostly appreciate architecture for its beauty.

9. Experience of space prevails over aesthetics of surface.

10. Architectural space can always be reprogrammed.

11. Architects discuss volumes, space, scale, proportions, representation, tectonics, and other related topics because—in essence—they generate beauty and experience.

12. Materials, textures, graphics, and decoration always enhance the reception of a project, but can never replace spatial organization.

13. (“Good”) Architecture, although a product of its era, transcends the time in which it was built.

14. Architecture does not represent nor can it shape/generate ideology.

15. Recovery of a past is always-already a failed project. Architecture can never replicate that which has been lost.

16. Good architecture learns from the past and uses it to move forward.

17. Despite technological advances, craft remains inversely proportional to the quality of the material. The “cheaper” the material, better is the craft required.

18. Money can hinder the aesthetics of a building, but it can never dictate nor prevent it.

19. A building should be treated like a story or a puzzle, where the architect leaves signs for people to interpret at different levels.

20. The more layers of information a project has or considers, the more meaning people can interpret and so the better the architecture.

Time will tell how I rethink my beliefs…

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