The Missionaries of Christ Savior (Misioneras de Cristo Salvador), caregivers at the AME Center in the Cotto neighborhood of Arecibo Puerto Rico, framed a once in a lifetime experience for their students: a Catholic Mass inside Cave Window (Cueva Ventana).

Better known as Sor Vicky and Sor Brenda, the nuns made an educational field trip to re-create some of the conditions under which initial Catholics held mass, hiding from social criticism and persecution.

Father Rafi Rodriguez from the Jesuit Order celebrated mass for the students inside the cave. Rafi, as we dearly call him, spoke to the students about the origins of creation and the wonders of the natural world.

Sor Brenda and Sor Vicky with their students.

Sor Brenda and Sor Vicky with Father Rafi Rodríguez.

We visited with cave with other collaborators to the AME Center.

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